Recommen(2009 January)

I found this on Youtube and like it. So I translated. it's only 5 minutes or so. HOpe you like it.

Recommen  January. 2009
I recommen you reading with watching thie Youtube

H:And there's one thing I've wanted to tell since I met you today.
H:What the hell is the sunglasses you're wearing?!
Y:What? This is cool isn't it..?
H:What the hell is that?!
Y:It's Addidas
Y:It's Addidas
H:I was wondering when to ask
Y:It's Addidas's Ray-Ban.
H:Oh so you mean it's collaborated one
Y:yeah and, well I can't tell anything in detail but
H:It's a dear-drop, right?
Y:It's a Tear-Drip, right? It's first time for me to buy this type.
H:oh you mean tear-drop

Y:Well and this...
H:no...let me say. It pisses me off!! your...your every shape is so cool
Y:and this much do you think this cool one costs?
Y:this cool one...
H:Well I bet it prices well high
Y:How much do you bet?
H:I bet it prices some hundred dollers
Y:well it does, but it costs less than half of Japan's

H:please stop it...(can't stop laughing)
Y:what's up? I look that cool? Don't long for this tear-drop type
H:I have one of tear-drop but
Y:You do?!
H:I have one of Ray-ban
Y:You're damn carried away yourself, man. I can't buy any Ray-ban, alright?
H:Well you look cool. It much with your hair also.

Y:well I see you long for me but..
H:I don't know why....but it just pisses me off!
Y:Well I know I will be popular with no doubt...maybe
H:Well you should be photographed a lot today buy Guide-san(TV-Guide)

H:And you're well tanned also anyway
Y:well I'm sorry about that
H:and I don't know what kind of amusement part you went, but just cut the tape(yellow one on Yoko's arm) off!
Y:I won't cut it off coz it's my memory
H:I remember you were wearing those stuff forever when you went to UFJ
Y:I let it be, this is a Misanga for me.
Y:it makes wishes be true coz this is from dream filled amusement park, you know.

H:well so you had a good new years day
Y:right. I heard that Murakami was doing a play when I came back
H:well it's started already
Y:I heard you're on TV and Maru's TV show starts tomorrow
Y:it's great...
H:yeah we were working
Y:I see it doesn't matter whether I'm in Japan or not
Y:It just make me lonely
H:well there's some doesn't work if you're not in Japan
Y:really I'm proud of all of you all

H:Well you got to work
Y:yeah I will work
Y:and in count down concert, everyone was wearing this sunglasses
Y:like Kame(nashi)
Y:they looked so cool
Y:so Yokoyama, 27, debut tear-drop
H:I see they're wearing
Y:everyone was wearing like Matsu-jun...people so called cool
Y:so Yokoyama You, debut tear-drop
H:in 2009
Y:I go with this style

Y:In these days...I haven't been praised
H:being prized...well I ..haven't been prized I guess...
Y:not at all
H:I guess you're be not so prized as you get older
Y:I'm being run down..."not look good with your parm"
Y:I cut my hear then they go  "longer is better". I got my hear longer then they go "cut it".
H:what should we do
Y:I gain weight then they go "lose your weight" so I lose weight and they goes...
H:chabby fits better
Y:what should I do...
Y:well well, being advised is good I thinkg but..

(reading email from listner)
H:"I put a perm for a first time in my life. It just look stupid. I won't ever wear perm again."
Y:I searced "Yokoyama You" and the response was Yokoyama You Perm" !
Y:I wonder how much they're disgueted by my perm...
Y:I was like..." am I that disgusting?!"
H:Well you like your perm right?
Y:...but I don't know!
H:what is right
Y:what is right.
H:but you like it and...
Y:no, it's not matter whether I like it or not. In Showbiz, new commer like me do stuff for my character to be known by people
Y:of course you care whether it fits or not. But so comedians wear glasses and so on. I'm talking about that.
H:for make an impact

Y:but I was being ran off...
H:You're ran off and that means you got people's attention so that means it worked.
Y:But I'm a human being so I feel hurt when being ran off.
Y:you know. Don't you?
H:I'm wearing perm for a lontime
Y:I don't care!
Y:(You're okay) coz you got softly perm!
For my personality, I do when I do and I don't do when I don't do.
H:well...then just do it
Y:yeah I do. well my perm, it actually loosing away
H:it's loosing away!?
Y:yeah perm is something loosing away
Well, and then it just will be cut off
H:oh when it gets longer
Y:right....well I wonder how we're gonna be in 2009. It's already started...I just wonder what's gonne be like
H:you mean the world?
Y:No I mean myself!
Y:I don't know what's gonna be in these days what I'm gonna do in future
H:How the hell I know!


part2 With Yasu, drunk Subaru, drama Tacchon, high Ryo, Representive Hina and Manzai Maru(2008.5.19)

Yasuda:For your surprise. now we're allowed to make phone call to Okura who's at recording drama. let's do it.
Y:call him, call him. we don't have a much time this part.
Collapse )

Y:well, it was great
Yasuda:it was great
Y:TOKIO's Matsuoka-kun's heroic attitude
Yasuda:it's too heroic. you can't hang up the live phone call while it's on live phone call
Y:well...what did you say?
Yasuda:what did I say?
Y:you said "you can't hang up the live phone call while it's on live phone call". You meant Live Phone call whilt Live radio show.
Y:well, so Okura is working with his might, "Yasuko and Kenji". It start Saturday 9PM.
Y:after this, it's gonna be other members on the phone also. Nishikido Ryo who was on Last Friend will be on the phone after this, please looking forward to it.
We don't know when Murakami on the phone, please looking forward to it..

Y:Now for your surprise, Nishikido Ryo will be on the phone. Last Friends, the drama ended today. It's the first voice after the drama ended. Possibly we can hear his impresssion and so on.
Collapse )

Y:well it was Nishikido tension high.
Yasuda:it's rare
Y:It's rare. even he's here in studio, other members are here so he doesn't have much chance to talk.

Y:well our members gets funnier when they're drunk.
Y:really. Okura gets funnier, so does Dokkun. It's only Maru who should not get drunk.
Y:really when Maru gets drunk and too much minus mood, he punchs himself

Y:anyway I guess we presented you (listners) good time  with  behind scenes of Last Friends also.  So now it''s time for music.

KOKUBUN(TOKIO):now today's FURI(for joke). What do you name for a unit if you make two members unit with Taichi-san?

Y:what making me sad now is that wrong information was handed to Taichi-kun. Kanjani8 all members are not here. Well, so today Yasu will do Joke for Taichi-kun's FURI.
I'm doing this every week.
Yasuda:you're really doing this?
Y:I'm really doing. Why should I lie at this point? You're good at this kind of stuff.
Yasuda:My heart beat got faster
Y:It's completely a lie..(laughs) why do you make such a lie?
Yasuda:you get nervous when you being said something like this
Y:Well Yasu-kun...if you got no idea, then said "NO" .
Yasuda:to be honest! it doesn't come up that soon.
Y:then you won't do it? Eleder person's FURI you deny to do?
Yasuda:it's not proper
Y:then do it
Yasuda:I take an obedient attitude then.
Y: so now...Taichi-kun and your new unit name..3.2.1 go!


Y:what's that mean?
Yasuda:(laughs)TA from Taichi, and TA from Shota...and TAITA's funny
Yasuda:it's not funny. it's not funny
Y:No, Yasu! you got more.
Y:Yasuda(laughs)..Yasu you got another. Yasu I know you got another one.
Y:It could be something that KANJANI8 and Taichi-kun's unit.
Yasuda:so that's something like collaboration with Kanjani8 and Taichi-san
Y:yeah. Now Kanjani8 and Taichi-kun's new unit name..3.2.1 go!

Yasu:Kan Janio

Y:what's that mean?
Yasuda:Kanjani8 got more number in the unit, so we use Kanjani. and member from Tokio-san is Taichi-kun only, so use O.  "Kan Jani-O"'s funny
Yasuda:it's not funny. it's not funny
Y:Yasu..what would you do here?
Yasuda:As result of I did my best..
Y:It's not  Taichi-kun. It's TOKIO-san.
Yasuda:no, one from Tokio-san I meant's not...Yasu..Do it another one with Taichi-kun!
Y:KANJANI8 and Taichi-kun's new unit name...3.2.1. go!

Yasuda:Kan Bunta.

Y:what's that mean?
Yasuda:well, family name from Kanjani. and Bun from Kokubun, and ta from taichi-san.'s funny..
Y:you...don't let me do such a thing for three times. I'm ashamed. 
Yasuda:I know.. well..Murakami-kun is great (for he's doing this every week)
Y:Well he's got no funny here very often.
Y:He's doing this with his confidence only.
Yasuda:that's true. He's not easily upset .
Y:really. I guess he's getting over with his weird confidence only. well well, it was like this. Anyway Taichi-kun,
YYasuda:thank you!

Hina:Yes, yes
Collapse )

Y:Guy-san said to call Hina, but this time, I will call without appoint ment now.
Yasuda:what? whom you're gonna call to?

Y:Subaru I go
Yasuda:really(laughs)but he said that possibly he would be drunk at this late tonight. Is it gonna be okay?
Y:he sent me email a little while ago.this might be a good chance, so I call.
Yasuda:he was deadly drunk when he's called while he was with Sakamoto-kun
Y:..oh it's saying it's connecting

Collapse )

Y:So who's next? Maru?
Yasuda:will Maru answer the phone?!
Y:I call him, prepare he won't answer 120 percent.
Yasuda:well then if he answer, it would be so good.
Y:Oh no, he won't answer. For sure he won't answer.

to be continued to part3

Fanvideo (You stay gold)

I made another fan video.

It's a song by Utada Hikaru.
It's a very short version. But it's very good song and I love its lyric so much.

Immediately I remember about Yoko when I listen to it.
I hope you like it.

Stay gold

For today, let's just say goodnight

they say change is the way our heart always do
But darling,
your soul keeps showing graceful light

I like you so much forever
so there's nothing to worry
my darling
stay gold

smile with innocence, please

by Hikaru Utada

Fanvideo uploaded

I'm sorry that I've been away from this site forever like this!

Today I just made a fanvideo of Yoko.

I uploaded it on YouTube. If you like it, visit it and have fun!

You the entertainer! part2

(The song Yoko singing this time is oridinaly Nakai's of Smap.
It's a song "Oira no Jinsei Nopperabo-!")

I don't know when Yoko did this singing. I just find it on the net.

Hope you like it!

Recommen (2007.0719) Yoko's mad with Yamada, wear no shorts basically and Hina is gorilla.

2007.0719 Recommen downloda here. (Thank you mstomato</lj>          uploaded this!)

Yoko:Konnban-one-two. This is Yokoyama You.
H:Konnban-one-two. This is Murakami Shingo
Yoko:Now it's started. The rainy season is not yet ended. But the summer is about to begun.
Man, time passes so fast, doesn't it? It's already July. People starts having a summer vacation.
H:It's about a time. Probably some students already has been in the summer vacasion, like collage students.
Yoko:I envy them.

Collapse )

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Y:For your surprise, accidentaly, Maru-chan has just sent me an email (to my mobile phone).
Y:Maru always sends me an email for Janken(scissors-paper-rock) that I do on Johnny's Web.  Now he sent me some mail happily though knowing nothing ...
Y:unknowing what he's been said on this radio show...
Maru's Email:I'm doin' band rehersal. Good luck for Recommen!
H:He's such a easygoing!(laughs)
Y:Yeah. Maru-chan sent me email happily now besides knowing nothing what's going on here.
H:He's fine as he is now.
Y:This is how Maru-chan is.
Y:Though I don't know if he's lucky or unlucky
H:on stuffs like this.

(And today's Theme is "What do you take for you travel?" for Kanjani8 who are heading for deadly scheduled tour.)

Collapse )


H:now it's a time for Breaking News for this week.
Y:This week, we do Nation Wide concert tour at Okayama on Fri, Hirosima on Sat and Sun, (sounds amazed)Ishikawa on Tuesday and Toyama on it's great.
H:we do...that much?
Y:yes we do
H:oh really!
Y:We'll be working on Monday.
Y:Are you gonna be working on Monday?
H:well...I..I don't know what I'm gonna be doing..
Y:I'll be working on Monday
H:there's something?
Y:I'll be in studio on Monday
H:you'll be in studio, right
H:probably I'll be in Osaka...I don't know
Y:Well...I see my schedule on 6th of August or's too many to check out
H:right. So I stopped reading the schedule on the way
Y:It's tooo's such a cold-hearted schedule 
H:well we do work everyday now and it's good
Y:I don't know if it's happy... or sad...
H:I'm happy with it.
Y:You're happy with it
H:i'm happy with it
Y:It's a good-boy-comment, I see

Collapse )

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Collapse )

Y:I got email from Tsuyoshi-kun(kinki Kids) accidentaly.

H:Oh I heard about it
Y:And so I emailed him back for celebration their 10th anniversary. And next day, he told me to tell Subaru and Yasu his email address. And after that he sent me "I'll kill you if you let out".
Y:I thought "Why?"
Y:(laughs)I thought "why?" Well I felt his love in it.


Recommen (2007.0607) with UEDA(KAT-TUN) (Uncomplisshed)

I never thoutht Ueda is this much fun person. He's natural and funny.
I liked how they're having fun talking together so try to translate it.

(and now, it's 2009,  two years later, again I try to translate it because I become to like Ueda by this show.)

Y:Konnbann-one-two it's Yokoyama You.
H:Konnbann-one-two it's Murakami Shingo.
Y: well it's began..many things have begun this week.
H:Yeah, yeah.
Y:Why am I talking the way of comic storyteller, huh?
H:Well I guess it's because of it was sudden.
Y:Well so I was surprised.

Y:I was sleeping right before this show.
H:Oh really.
Y:We're in Utaban that was on air today.
  My work was up around 15:00 today.
H:It was early.
Y:I was working till 15:00 and thought going back to home to take a nap.