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Recommen(2007.0628) Maru's TEL

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Y:Konnbann-one-two this is Yokoyama You.
H:Konnbann-one-two this is Murakami Shingo.
Y:For your surprise
Y:since that in last week, Maru didn't asnwer his phone from us,
Y:To maru, without any rehearsal
Y:We're gonna make him a phone call. But as I told you before, this is what we do without any rehersal, it's possible that he won't be answer the phone.
H:I guess that he won't answer.

Y:And last time we phoned him, and the reason he didn't answer is that, I'd thought that he didn't notice our phone, Maru-chan said he noticed the phone, but he was eating dinner at the time, so he didn't answer. 
H:Right, right.
Y:And so, if he doesn't answer the phone this time...
H:There's no way, if he doesn't answer this time, is there?
Y:I think there's no way.

(Phone calling) 
Y:Ah, now we're calling.. 
Y:What's gonna be...
(Still calling)
H:It can't be...
Y:Man, he doesn't answer. I'm sure he won't answer.(a little laugh)
H:I wonder what he's gonna say about this tomorrow
Y:I don't know.

Y:Now he knows this number is from Recommen.
H:He's really not answering.
Y:Well today we call
(Hung up)

Y:No, he hung up!
H:what? he hung up?
Y:He hung up! He hung up!
H:It usually connects to an answering machine, right?!
Y:He hung up! He hung up!
H:He thought "it's noisy!"
Y:It's terrible...how he really..now one more time
H:Let's call him once again

H:If he cut off right after it starts calling..then it means that he's done that in conscience.
Y:He damned surprise me!
H:I think that possibly he's gonna shut off the power supply
Y:It won't be my business if he doesn't answer the phone this time...is it calling?
H:Not yet...he shut it off?

(woman's voice:"Connecting to the answering machine")

H:WOW!!!!! He shut off the power!!!!!
Y:Man he's the worst!!!...he's the worst!!!
Y:I can't believe it! Can you?!
H:Man, he did it! I thought about it in any case, but he really did it!
Y:I can't believe it really...
H:Now, people listening this radio, Me and Yoko appologize you for him(maru). We're sorry really.(Sumimasenn)
Y:i'm really sorry. Now Maru-chan is not allowed to join Recommen.
H:He's Dekin(Deiri-Kinshi:Not allowed to enter) , Dekin.
Y:Really. Even if all members join this radio, I'll tell to our manager not to call Maru anymore. I'll work with my might for him.

H:No.It's a shock!! It's really a shock for me.
H:How dare he shut off the power!?
H:Well, well. There's nothing we can do. That's Maru's answer.
Y:We got to accept it.
H:We got to accept it.
H:Now, pull ourselves together and here we go.

Y:Yes, yes.
H:We got mails that
Y:Yes, yes.
H:about Maru. 
H:From Tomoko in Tokyo, "It's such a shock for me.Maru-chan, you're really ruthless.I was disillusioned you. You two, Yoko and Hina, scold him without exception. Maru-chan, you're the WORST. "
Y:So it's mails of claim we got?
H:That's right. We got more..It's MACHI from Hokkaido, "It's such a ruthless. Maru-chan, you're a fool!(cry)."
H:Kaori from Ibaraki, "It's such a shock. Is Maru in real life that fans can't see always like that? My impression for Maru-chan is getting worst by telephone call of last week and today.
H:Daisy from Chiba, "I never thought that Maru-chan is such a person. To be honest, it's such a shock to me.Now my sight for Maru-chan got changed.It's really a shock."

H:well we got a bunch.
Y:It's for sure that he hung up.
H:It's for sure.
H:He could shut the power off in that short time and that means that he knew he's got a call, for sure.
Y:Now, why don't I call him now?
H:Right, call him now.
Y:with my mobile phone.
H:With your mobile.
Y:Whether he answers or not.
H:And give us a report later then about what he says,  and he answers or not.

H:Well he(Maru) did it...Oh we got more.
Ayaka-chan from Kyoto,"Maruyama-kun, I'm disappointed at you. You made me sad. As I thought, people in SHOWBIZ got another face? I can't believe in Kanjani8" ...Hey!see! He's affecting to the impression of Kanjani8! Excuse him for making impression of Kanjani8 down like this. 
Another mail, Mari-chan from Tokyo, "I didn't think that Maru is a such kind of person. But please call him one more time. If you give up, and then everything is over. Please, for listner and for Maru-chan after this, please call him." 

H:Yoko is not coming back, so that means he's talking to Maru?..is he talking?..he's not talking?..he's still calling...what's going on...?Oh he answered?! He answered?! Why does he answer the call from mobile, not from landline?!
...so he answered...Yoko's talking..well now we wait for Yoko back...got to hear what Maru said about it incluing about the phone. I guess Yoko is hearing about it...why is he sitting on the chair like that? 
Yoko-san..you got a no time now. Give us a report. How's that?..are you still talking?..oh he's still talking. Is Maru saying anything? K-taro(Recommen's DJ)-san, tell us what's going on now.

K-taro:He(Yoko) is explaing about the present situation.He(Yoko)is saying "it was like this and so what was going on with you?" like that.
H:They're talking a little long time. 
H:It's impossible that he(Yoko) to give us how it was, isn't it?
K-taro:It might not be able to call him again, it seems.
H:So we let Yoko to hear from Maru everything and at the ending we hear about the situation. Well he(Maru) was not at work at the time for sure. Our manager was here and we saw his(Maru's) schedule, Maru's work is compeletly over at this time. So he might be drinking or eating..something like that
K-taro:well they're still talking.
H:Ah...he seems as if talking with his friends.
K-taro:He's talking relaxing, isn't he?
H:Yeah.He's out of work now.
K-taro:He's talking having fun it seems.
H:Is he laughing? Is there any laguhing in their conversation?..no?..not that much?..ah a little?Oh now he's back.
K-taro:we got ten minutes.
H:Now Yoko is back. we'll announce about it in detail later at the ending. And we still welcome your claim mail for Maru-chan.

H:Now Maru-chan.We'll call him at last time.

(start calling)

Y:I wonder if he answer. I think he'll answer. I told him that we're gonna phone him.If he won't answer this time, then I don't care damn about him!
H:He will answer, won't he? You're talking a little while ago.
Y:Finally you answered, Maru-chan!!
Maru:Good evening.
H:Good evening
Y:No good evening what you have to say now! Now we got no time so I'll get right to my point.. 
Y:No Huh, man!... Well
Y:We phoned Maru-chan(you) a littel while ago.
Maru:oh, oh.
Y:Then you didn't answer the phone at first time. Then we phoned you again, then the phone was hang up. 
Maru:Oh, that's because I was where out of (phone) wave.
Y:And now people listening this radio sending mails that say "Maru-chan, you're the WORST!"
Maru:Thank you!
Y:You're an idiot, aren't you?(laughs)
H:that's what we're thinking
Y:But you got a situation to tell, don't you? Whom are you with now?
Maru:Now I became by my self.
Y:Oh,really? So you're aparted already? You're with Subaru and Okura at the time, aren't you?
Maru:Right. I was talking about the band with Subaru and Tacchon.
H:Oh really(Hina!You're too pure!!)
Y:Like what you guys were talking?
Maru:We're talking like that we know each other while we're playing that we're in good condition or what, without conversation.

Y:Well Maru-chan.
Y:Did you eat Sashimi of raw chicken?
Maru:I, I ate!
Y:It was yummy, wan't it?
Maru:It was yummy!
H:No need to talk such a stuff!
Y:Oh, I'm sorry, sorry.
H:That's not right.
Y:He went where I recommended to go.
H:Oh you introduce good restaurant
Y:That's right.
Maru:That was good.
H:Now you got to dispel listner's misunderstanding then
Maru:about what?
H:..You got to explain that you didn't shut off the power of your mobile. If don't people is thinking so.
Maru:Oh, I'm sorry sorry. I was in an underground restaurant so.
Y:But in last week, you noticed the phone, but you didn't answer, right?
Maru:.....what? what? what?
H:You could hear him for sure!
Maru:I didn't answer. I didn't answer.
H:You could hear that.
Y:I've already talked about it on the radio.
Maru:You did?
Y:At the time, you're in a restaurant where was a little noisy, right?
Maru:right, right!
Y:So you didn't answer the phone, right?
Maru:Right, Right, right. It was a noisy place.
Y:You noticed but it was noisy around you, so you didn't answer, right?
Maru:that's right
H:So you care about the radio for not to interrept its on air.
Maru:that's right.

Y:And Maru-chan,
Y:We got a bunch of mails that say Maru-Chan(You) is not allowed to join Recommen.
Maru:What the hell are you saying? I don't want such as you(lister) to decide that.
H:Why you're saying that from above?! You fool!
Maru:No! After all, you always phone me when I'm drunk!
H:Oh you're drunk now?!
Y:Maru-chan is drunk now.
H:You're drinking now?!
Maru:I had a cup of Kanehachi(Wheat Shochu:a clear distilled liquor of wheat)
H:(laughs)I don't care about the brand
Maru:Oh, I see.
H:I know it's a Shochu, isn't it?
Maru:It is.
Maru:Yummy foods, yummy alcohol, you know.
H:That is your rule!

Y:Maru-chan, this was a corner of asking you about your solo song.
Y:We got no time 
Y:So you're out of need now.
M:what the...? OiOiO-i!!(Hey hey hey!)
M:Call me next time. If it's okay next week, call me, won't you?
Y:So Maru-chan, we're gonna call you next week!
Maru:I got it!
Y:Ja-ne!(see you!)
Maru:Ossha!(right!), Okay! Good night! Please wish Recommen the best. 

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